Woodland provides us with the opportunity to connect with the natural world. Woodlands are just some of the many, diverse ecosystems on our planet that offer us the chance to understand biodiversity and see first-hand the impacts of climate change. 

Animals and plants in the woodland environment are both familiar and mysterious; how many can you recognise? How many have you seen in real life? What do you know about these species? 

This exhibition explores the richness of our local woodland here in the Thames Valley. Our collections of local flora and fauna help us to investigate the living world around us and discover how creatures adapt to their environment. We hope that this online exhibition will help you to discover more about the nature on your doorstep. You may be inspired to look, listen and track more of the wildlife around you – to identify species, find out more about them and the part they play in the global environment.  

Families and schools:

Hello, we are Tony and Florrie, and are here to share lots of things to think about, make and do throughout the exhibition. Look out for us!

Also, make sure to check out all the activities and resources we have available.

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