Habitats Observation & exploration

Eton Nature Walk

This walk explores the fields around Eton College, used for school games and other leisure activities by the school boys and the general public.

The map shows a nature trail around South Meadow and The Brocas in Eton. This area offers rich and diverse habitats: woodland, grassland, riverside, urban.

Eton Nature Trail map and key

The map is numbered, representing 23 creatures that you may be able to spot on this walk. They have common names and they also have scientific names in Latin. This lets you know if they belong to the same family.

  1. Blue tit – Parus caeruleuis         
  2. Song Thrush – Turdus lumbricum petit canticum
  3. Woodpecker – Picus
  4. Birch tree Catkin – Betula
  5. Small Tortoiseshell butterfly -Aglais urticae
  6. Squirrel – Cirus carolinensis
  7. Robin – Erithacus rubcula
  8. Fox – Vulpes
  9. Owl – Strigiformes
  10. Kestrel – Quae tinnungulus
  11. Parakeet – Melopsittacus undulatus
  1. Sparrow hawk – Spervarii
  2. Badger – Meles meles
  3. Weasel – Ictis
  4. Hedgehog – Erinaceinae
  5. Field Mouse – Mus agri
  6. Pigeon – Columbae offeret
  7. Mandarin Duck – Manderine anatis
  8. Crested Grebe – Podicipedidae cristatus
  9. Kingfisher – Hlcyonem
  10. Water Vole – Arvicola amphibius
  11. Swan – Olor
  12. Canada Goose – Branta canadensis

If you go off the beaten path in search of creatures or their evidence, remember to only leave foot prints and take nothing but pictures! Good luck, hope you have fun!

By Val Young